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Jan 18, 2010 -
MA Senate race

Audit polls on Election Day
& afterward video

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Oct 13, 2016: My advice for this presidential election is for each of the candidates to establish a national online voter audit that includes the voter's choice for president, plus their name, address, and email (optional).

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Compilation of Lynn's political articles, speeches, and lawsuit from 2002-2008 (112-page document, page layout: 1"right&left, .8" top&bottom)
2007 Report to Congress on voting
Lynn's federal lawsuit against non-transparent voting systems (2004-2006)

  • Aug 2, 2016: Read report on how the primary elections were rigged for Hillary Clinton, particularly using the voting machines, and how Bernie really won -- -- There's a long history of computer vote fraud (easily done by the 2 companies that count most of the votes) AND altered exit polls (by the major news networks) which favors the conservative side of both the Dems and GOP. - See - Paper ballots, no machines, and parallel election audits is one way to verify election results, otherwise Donald Trump is a sitting duck, like Bernie. Both parties' top dogs have long been aware of this issue, and we can only assume by their inaction, that they are complicit in it. Look at who sits on the boards of the voting machine companies - all part of the global shadow government - one can assume.

    Watch video how Bernie may have won the Democratic Primary - 

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  • Read Lynn Landes's still timely 1997 article, "River of Waste" published in a compilation of articles for high school students called, Pollution: Opposing Viewpoints Series by Greenhaven Press / 215-629-3553