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Vaccines, Worse Than Opioids - Section #13, CDC, National Security, Doctor Kickbacks, Non-Profits, etc.

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If you think the Opioid Epidemic is bad, the carnage caused by Vaccines is horrific. And the proof is in the vaccine manufacturers' own "Package Inserts", usually found in Section #13, which states,

"(fill in the blank vaccine) has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility", or words to that effect.

This is huge. The manufacturers' package inserts are stating that vaccines have not been evaluated or assessed for their ability to cause cancer, mutate DNA, or damage fertility, and therefore could cause any of these adverse health effects. You can find approved vaccines and their package inserts on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website at:

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is at the center of the global vaccination campaign. Yet CDC support for vaccines cannot be based on science. Using reverse logic, it only makes sense that the CDC does not require standard safety assessments, since the CDC does not require standard testing protocol for vaccines to begin with, including any long term or double blind "placebo" studies. Nor does the CDC require studies of unvaccinated populations versus vaccinated populations. For all practical purposes, the CDC depends on the honor system for the vaccine industry.

Worse still, the CDC knowingly permits a toxic cocktail of ingredients in vaccines, including: aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, human DNA, live viruses, etc.. The list of those vaccine ingredients can be found on the CDC's website at

Alarmingly, 50% of all American children will be autistic by 2025 -- in 8 short years-- at the current rate of increase in autism, according to Dr. Stephanie Seneff, an MIT statistician.

In what amounts to willful criminal misconduct by the CDC to hide the connection between autism and vaccines, its own lead scientist & whistleblower on vaccines, Dr. William Thompson, has testified that CDC personnel deliberately destroyed documents and misled the public. Yet, to our knowledge, there has been no official federal or Congressional investigation into this scandal.


As Autoimmune conditions skyrocket (including Autism, Alzheimer's, Diabetes 1 & 2, Cancer, Infertility, and Chronic Diseases in general), those conditions track the increased use of vaccines. In 2015, the first medical research textbook linking vaccines to autoimmunity was published, Vaccines and Autoimmunity"Mutagenic potential" or DNA mutation can cause autoimmune disorders & disease, yet vaccine makers in the U.S. are not required to evaluate for it.

Under these circumstances, how can vaccines be prescribed by doctors, let alone mandated by governments, the military, school boards, employers, and others? How could standard tests and assessments for cancer, DNA mutation, or fertility be bypassed and vaccines approved? And why hasn't the mainstream news media taken notice and made it headline news?

The National Security implications for our nation are catastrophic. Vaccines make the perfect Trojan Horse for both domestic and foreign miscreants. Most Americans take these toxic vaccines, including every member of our military. And many vaccines are made in foreign countries, including China, a communist dictatorship that could soon become the world's biggest supplier of vaccines.

But, instead of exercising extreme caution with vaccines, U.S. federal, state, and local governments, the military, employers, and school boards are actually mandating vaccines, while our medical professionals are handing them out like candy. Why? For our medical professionals, who have been trained to blindly follow whatever the CDC dictates, it's also a case of follow-the-money. There's a really sick reason why some doctors are firing their patients if they don't get their children vaccinated. According to Wellness and Equality, doctors are on-the-take, big time:

"Blue Cross Blue Shield pays your doctor a $40,000 bonus for fully vaccinating 100 patients under the age of 2. If your doctor manages to fully vaccinate 200 patients, that bonus jumps to $80,000. But here's the catch: Under Blue Cross Blue Shield's rules, pediatricians lose the whole bonus unless at least 63% of patients are fully vaccinated, and that includes the flu vaccine. So it's not just $400 on your child's head--it could be the whole bonus. To your doctor, your decision to vaccinate your child might be worth $40,000, or much more, depending on the size of his or her practice."

It's a clear conflict-of-interest. And as such, one would expect an appropriate response from government authorities. But, no deal. The federal government is up to its eyeballs in its own conflicts-of-interest. The U.S. Treasury currently profits 75 cents per shot from vaccines, estimated to amount to approximately $50 billion, according to Catherine J. Frompovich. However, very little of that money ($3 billion) has been distributed to the victims of vaccines. Meanwhile, the revolving door for industry dollars and jobs continues to swing open-and-often between the CDC and the vaccine industry, as reported in How Conflicts of Interest Have Corrupted the CDC, by Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD.

So, why haven't some legal eagles sued the pants off of the vaccine industry? As with Opioids, our complicit U.S. Congress ran to the rescue of the industry and tied the hands of the legal community. In 1986, the U.S. Congress gave the vaccine industry "blanket immunity" from prosecution. Cynically, Congress also created a federal Vaccine Court, where victims of "vaccine injury and death" find themselves up against U.S. government attorneys. Even at that disadvantage, over $3 billion dollars has been paid out to victims from a trust fund, in what amounts to hush money. But that is just the tip of the iceberg of vaccine victims, since only about 1% of injuries are ever reported.

Where is the mainstream news media amidst all of this controversy and carnage? One callous cause for our muted news media is greed, best summed up in the following excerpt of an interview of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.:

"The media is complicit in the cataclysm. At least part of the reason is financial. America is one of only two nations in the world that allows pharmaceutical ads on television. Drug companies are the largest advertisers on TV and radio. They spend $3-$5.4 billion annually to saturate the airwaves with 80 advertisements every hour. Anyone who watches network news quickly understands that it has devolved into a vehicle for selling pharmaceuticals. That lucre seems to have neutralized the news divisions at CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS. Fox News alone is uncorrupted, but only because its shameless purpose, from its inception, has been to promote the ascendancy of corporate power. Fox's former CEO, Roger Ailes, was sympathetic with the cause but he told me that he would have to fire any of his hosts who allowed me on his network to discuss mercury in vaccines or autism if I cost them an advertiser. He said, "Bobby, if I let you on to talk about vaccines, Rupert would be on the phone with me in ten minutes."

Worse yet, TV and print advertisers for vaccines are not always required to warn the public of adverse health effects, as they are with other medications. And although vaccine "Package Inserts" contain countless cautions about the numerous harmful and sometimes fatal side effects of vaccines, the public is rarely encouraged to read or understand the inserts before getting a vaccine.

The history of the vaccine industry is the history of collusion between government, business, and nonprofits, as described in the book, Dissolving Illusions, by Dr. Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk. Non-profits such as Planned Parenthood promote the HPV vaccine to young women, despite questionable evidence that it is safe or effective, and increasing documentation that it is one of the most dangerous vaccines on the market, leading several countries to ban it.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are among the biggest promoters of vaccines, while at the same time profiting from them, according to The National Vaccine Information Center. That said, even unbridled greed can't explain why vaccines are so aggressively promoted by the U.S. government, World Health Organization (WHO), foreign governments, and the global elite.

Researchers and reporters for the alternative news media suggest that the One World Government types, such as the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, want to reduce the earth's population. And in different parts of the globe, vaccines such as Tetanus have been reported to contain ingredients that cause sterility. Bill Gates has publicly expressed his commitment to reduce the world's population using vaccines, including in his 2010 Ted Talk remarks,

"The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

The history and ongoing relationship between these non-profits, business, and the CDC amounts to a criminal conspiracy to cause health crises under the guise of claiming to solve them, which is why many of its critics call the CDC, The Centers for Disease Creation. The CDC was founded in 1946, allegedly to fight malaria. Together with the Rockefeller Foundation, the CDC promoted the use of cancer-causing DDT to kill mosquitoes. Today, many researchers report that DDT was the real cause of Polio. As the use of DDT abated in the U.S., due to its toxic health effects, so did extreme cases of Polio. In fact, most people who get the Polio virus, never know it.

The CDC is following a similar fraudulent format with the Zika Virus and microcephaly, causing a problem rather than solving one - blaming wild mosquitos and a virus when the culprits are much more likely to be toxic chemical sprays (pesticides and herbicides), vaccines (particularly MMR and Tdap), and/or genetically engineered mosquitoes. And, once again, the Rockefeller Foundation is involved. Their employees allegedly "discovered" the Zika virus in Uganda in 1947. Meanwhile, the Gates Foundation is invested in creating genetically engineered (GE) mosquitoes, which promise to wreak havoc on our natural environment. And the CDC and both foundations are supporting the development of more vaccines which, under today's regulatory environment, will never be tested or evaluated for anything, properly.


The history of vaccines is repeating itself. The current use of vaccine mandates and imprisoning parents for not vaccinating their children is a repeat of atrocities committed from the mid 1800's to the early 1900's. The public eventually got fed-up with vaccines that did more harm and no good. By 1940's the use of vaccines had faded away. Unfortunately, the vaccine scam was not gone for good. The U.S. government re-introduced vaccines in the 1950's, and as the decades have rolled by, vaccine use has grown exponentially, followed by a commensurate increase in serious and fatal adverse health effects, as documented in this excellent poster by the NVIC,

The CDC has convinced the public that we need to be vaccinated against common childhood diseases, even though it is well documented that only by contracting a disease naturally can permanent immunity be acquired. Although vaccines makers assert that vaccines only trigger an immune response, vaccines actually sabotage the immune system. And contrary to what the public is led to believe, vaccines can spread the very diseases they are claimed to cure, as those who have been vaccinated "shed" the viruses for weeks afterward, exposing those around them.

The truth is that we are all being harmed by vaccines and their toxic ingredients. As with synthetic antibiotics, we are making matters worse with vaccines, taking childhood diseases and turning them into lifelong nightmares. Vaccines have disabled and destroyed the lives of countless victims in America and around the world, thanks to a global cabal, complicit Congress, corrupt CDC, muted news media, and poorly educated, if not greedy, doctors. All in the name of population control and making money.

But take heart. A growing number of health professionals and average citizens are fighting back. And you can do your part. Talk to your doctors, politicians, employers, school boards, news media, friends, family, and anyone who thinks that vaccines are safe and effective. In particular, show them the vaccine "Package Inserts" and point out Section #13.

For all-too-often, the truth is hiding in plain sight.

Lynn Landes